07 KORU 2Y0A0096 SquareKORU® Apple (Plumac c.v.) is a very exciting opportunity for commercial growers and has the following attributes:

  • Grower friendly
  • High productivity
  • Large fruit size
  • High pack-out
  • Resistant to puncturing and bruising
  • Excellent storage with no storage disorders
  • Crisp, aromatic, honey-like flavour
  • Excellent consumer quality

Some basic information is shown below for those interested in growing the variety Plumac and KORU® Brand fruit.  
In addition to this basic information, we have a series of detailed independent scientific reports on harvest and post harvest performance covering each year since the test plantings began in 2005, and detailed yield and packout data by year for every commercial and trial planting.
From a growers’ perspective and in short, the tree and fruit of Plumac can be quickly described as follows...

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1 P1650524There is a high demand for KORU® Apple worldwide!! 

We are seeking additional plantings of KORU® Plumac c.v. in New Zealand for new or existing growers as we move towards our targeted production goals. 

This is a grower friendly apple with high packouts and good storage qualities. Technical information has been gathered over a number of years on various sites throughout New Zealand which is summarized here so that you can make an informed decision whether you wish to be involved with the development of Plumac c.v. and the KORU® Brand Apple. 

Opportunities are also available in our global strategy for KORU® Plumac c.v.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a KORU® Plumac c.v. grower or global partner! 



Annual report 2012 cover web SquareMcGrath Nurseries Ltd have gathered a large body of technical information on Plumac c.v.  In fact, we believe it is the most researched apple ever prior to release. 

We have data on  nursery production, all aspects of cultivation and growing including pruning, training, chemical thinning, disease resistances and susceptibilities, as well as considerable data on productivity, harvest parameters and management, maturity indexes (including colour charts for growers) and storage including air storage, CA and MCP responsiveness, and market and consumer testing.

Whilst some of this information is outlined below, full reports are proprietary property and available to growers only.  Intending growers may access these reports upon signing a Confidentiality Agreement available through McGrath Nurseries Ltd, Contact Us.

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Annual report 2012 Page_08_Image_0002-webKORU® Plumac c.v. harvests over a 21 day period and is a 3-4 pick variety in New Zealand.

The first pick in the Nelson region of New Zealand ranges between March 10-14. As a guide, the first pick is just before Jazz™ (Scifresh).

See here for maturity parameters and colour chart guidelines such as starch pattern, pressures and brix...

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Koru Apple GlobeTest results have shown that Plumac c.v. can be grown world wide. 

Plumac c.v. has a wide geographic adaptability for growing high quality KORU® Apples. See where KORU® Apples are grown!
The consumer preference for high colour suggests that plantings be concentrated in geographic areas known for strong colouring. 
Commercial plantings are established throughout New Zealand and in Northeastern and Northwestern USA. 
Extensive testing is underway in countries including Canada, Europe, UK and some Asian countries.
Plant material transfer and early stage testing is underway in Australia, South Africa and South America.

Review details of our Test Sites below:

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